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Pupil Wellbeing

“Mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with the stresses of life, realise their potential, work well and learn well, and contribute to their community.”

World Health Organisation

As part of The Education Alliance (TEAL), we are extremely fortunate to benefit from the TEAL Be Well programme. This programme provides emotional and wellbeing support for pupils, parents/carers and staff in addition to what schools are normally able to offer.

The TEAL Be Well Programme is a unique resource commissioned by The Education Alliance to increase mental health provision for children, staff and parents/carers across the schools in our Trust, including South Hunsley School and Sixth Form. The programme is made possible through close partnerships with several organisations and is made possible with the support of Pagabo.

At South Hunsley School and Sixth Form, the Be Well Programme consists of two elements:

  • Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) Mind – The Whole School Approach for all children, parents/carers and staff
  • SMASH – (Social Mediation and Self Help)

Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) Mind

MIND support our school community through a range of activities, including:
High quality training and support for staff, in-person or virtual drop-in listening services for pupils, parents/carers and staff, weekly wellbeing workshops for pupils, termly workshops for parents, training programme for Student Wellbeing Ambassadors, 1:1 intensive programmes.

A MIND mental health practitioner is based in school 2 days per week. 

To seek support or guidance from MIND directly for yourself or your child, please contact EWalls@heymind.org.uk 

Social Mediation & Self Help (SMASH)

The SMASH programme supports young people that have emotional and mental health difficulties and is an evidence based intervention that offers 1:1 support, therapeutic group work and family outreach. Core areas of the SMASH programme are self esteem, empathy, relationships, sense of belonging, trust, responsibility, choices, risk and safety.

Two SMASH practitioners are based in school 2 days per week.

Pupils are referred for this tailored support through our inclusion team. Please speak to your child’s HOY for more details.

What other support can my child receive for their wellbeing in school?

All pupils are armed with the tools and advice to maintain a healthy mental wellbeing through Personal Development and the PSCHE curriculum delivered in school. However, we understand that some pupils may require some extra support within school. Therefore, we offer a range of services that you can self-refer your child to below, alternatively, if you would like to find out more about further interventions and support available in school, please contact your child’s Head of Year, in the first instance.

MIND Wellbeing Workshops

In partnership with MIND, we have developed our Whole School Approach for mental health and wellbeing. As part of this, each term, we are able to offer a carousel of 1-hour workshops that any pupil can access through parental-referral. These 1-hour workshops, are tailored towards mental health and wellbeing issues that pupils may face and offer them the tools and skills they require to maintain good mental wellbeing. If you feel like your child would benefit from any of the sessions available, information on how to book on is emailed out at the start of each half term. Once the pupil is booked on, please pass on the information so that they attend. Please be aware that a pupil cannot attend more than 3 sessions a half term, but may book onto others next half term.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Improved awareness of ways to manage positive emotional wellbeing using the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Model.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Aims to equip pupils with the skills to help strengthen their self-esteem & confidence.

School Life & Exam Stress

Pupils to be better equipped with coping strategies to manage stressors of school life impacting on emotional health & wellbeing.

Resilience & Adult Life

Aims to help pupils be better equipped with skills & coping strategies to help manage problems in life & build emotional resilience that can be implemented through to adult life.

Talking About Mental Health

How to have a conversation about your own mental health.

Your Voice Matters

Aims to empower young people to become more confident talking about mental health and to identify & implement change they would like to see.

Transition & Self Care

Aims to raise awareness about changes that can occur in a young person’s life and offers tips for young people to look after their wellbeing during times of transition.

Wellbeing Week Activities

Each half term, we hold a ‘Wellbeing Week’ in which a range of activities, during form time, lessons, break, lunch and after-school, link to a key day of awareness. Each week links to one of our key drivers and MIND’s ‘5 ways to wellbeing’. All pupils are welcome to attend the activities and are advertised on the tutor message board. Previous activities include: journaling, therapy dog visit, movie evening, chocolate apple making, meditation, fair play table tennis and many more.

Term 1 – Community

Give: 9-13 October, World Mental Health Day

Connect: 13-17 November, Anti-Bullying Week

Term 2 – Learning

Keep Learning: 28 January-2February, Time to Talk Day

Take Notice: 18-21 March, Stress Awareness Month

Term 3 – Potential

Be Active: 13-17 May, Mental Health Awareness Week

MIND Parental Webinars

More details to follow.

Mental Health Resources

Supporting the wellbeing of children has never been so important. SSS Learning have produced two fantastic free top tip resources that could help in keeping mental health at the forefront.

Mental Health & Wellbeing For Your Child – Top 10 Tips

Mental Health & Wellbeing For You – Tips for Parents/Carers

Mental Health Support Charity – Joe’s Buddy Line

YoungMinds – Mental Health Charity for Children