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Careers Guidance


Young people are faced with a complex set of demands when preparing for their future careers. South Hunsley aims to ensure that students are self-confident, skilled and career-ready. This is achieved through a comprehensive programme of activities that spans Year 7 through Year 13, and beyond, and is based on the nationally recognised Gatsby Benchmarks.

START and U-Explore

As part of our commitment to prepare students for a rapidly changing world, we are delighted to announce that we are using an innovative online resource called Start.

Start will help your child to connect with their future career potential, develop their employability and help them to explore future career and study options at school or at home.

Parents can also use Start to find out more about jobs, training and study opportunities for themselves.

Full details of how to register can be found here.

Parent Support with Careers

As part of our careers programme, all students are provided with a START Profile. Beyond this, are a number of ways you can support young people in their early career investigations:

  • Encourage your son or daughter to consider which of their subjects they enjoy the most, and how this might link to future careers.
  • Encourage them to explore the different options available at 14, 16 and 18.
  • Help dispel common misconceptions: that certain jobs are for men or women, that apprenticeships are only for practical vocations link engineering, that they need to wait until they start looking for work before they gain experience of the wider world of work.
  • Help them explore the jobs and training opportunities that are available locally, either through START or through the ‘Find an apprenticeship’ section of the government website.

Secondary Careers Education Programme

A summary of our Secondary Careers Education Programme offered to all students in all year groups is outlined below. This programme is supported by assemblies, registration activities, class-based exercises and a range of other scheduled and occasional activities all designed to ensure students are best prepared for their futures.

PD Day 1
Year 7 – Personal Profile completion (Self management)
Year 8 – N/A
Year 9 – N/A
Year 10 – N/A
Year 11 – Exploring career pathways, Local Labour Market Information, Employability Passport launch.
PD Day 2
Year 7 – Introduction to careers learning journey (Start).
Year 8 – Enterprise Day – business competition judged by guests from the world of work
Year 9 – Making the right choices – GCSE choices based on a careers plan, introduction to apprenticeships
Year 10 – Safety in the workplace, marketing and employability activity, ‘Selling myself’
Year 11 – Self-management, juggling responsibilities, coping with work stress, sixth form taster lessons
PD Day 3
Year 7 – Which jobs suit my preferences? (Start)
Year 8 – Self management skills and effective decision making
Year 9 – Self-sufficiency and personal finance
Year 10 – Personal finance, budgeting for your income, understanding credit and debt
Year 11 – Competition in the world of work, CV preparation, mock interviews
PD Day 4
Year 7 – N/A
Year 8 – Personal Finance, budgeting, effective planning for the future
Year 9 – Refining my career ideas, investigating jobs and wages, CVS
Year 10 – Investigating Post-16 options
Year 11 – Employer Led Pathway interviews – employer engagement
PD Week
Year 7 – Employer visits, employability skills tasks, team building
Year 8 – Year 8 residential open to all students – team building, employability skills
Year 9 – Enterprise and employability competition. ACE day at The University of Hull
Year 10 – N/A
Year 11 – A level induction lessons and Employer Led Programme launch, including work experience
Year 7 – N/A
Year 8 – N/A
Year 9 – Careers interview and/or tutor mentoring, Pathways evening for students/parents
Year 10 – One to one careers interviews start. Level 1 Sports Leader Employability Unit for all students.
Year 11 – One to one progression interview for every student, East Riding Apprenticeship Event, Pathways events for students and parents.

If you think you could contribute to our Careers programme, would like to be a part of the Employer Led programme, or are interested in joining our Alumni register please contact Mr B Gray.