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What Can I Study?

We encourage students to take four A Levels/Level 3 equivalents in Year 12 in order to have the most flexibility and confidence with the courses they start in Sixth Form. Most students will continue with three subjects into Year 13, but it is also possible to continue with four

With the exception of students on the A Level Further Maths course, A Level students will not sit external AS Level examinations. Students enrolled onto Applied subjects (BTEC courses, OCR Cambridge Technical courses or the Financial Studies course) will sit external examinations across Year 12 and Year 13.

Students will sit formal mock examinations at the end of Year 12 to allow progress to be measured prior to application being made to university courses.

Alongside their Sixth Form option choices they will be expected to participate fully in an enrichment curriculum that offers them a chance to build a competitive portfolio for employment, apprenticeships and university applications.

To find out more detail about our courses and their entry requirements can be found within our prospectus.

Enrichment Curriculum Opportunities

Trips and Visits

Trips and visits will also play a big part in your Sixth Form learning and no matter what courses you study, you are sure to find yourself somewhere exciting to help you gain as much as you can from your chosen subjects.

Trips to New York, Germany and Iceland are all included in our Sixth Form calendar plus there are also plenty of theatre trips, art exhibitions and University visits for you to take part in. These often link to your studies, but also allow you to broaden your horizons and share new experiences with your friends.

Clubs and Societies

Whatever your interests there is something for you. Gain new skills, meet different people and simply have fun. If you can’t find what you are looking for, why not set up your own club? That’s exactly how the debating society was formed and is a perfect example of what can be achieved when a group of students share an interest and want to pursue it further.

Our music department runs a number of clubs to get involved in – Rock Band, Senior Choir, Windband, Percussion ensemble and String Orchestra.

As a member of these groups you will perform in a number of concerts throughout the year, as well as providing the musical accompaniment to the annual school musical.

Or you could take part in our hugely popular Battle of the Bands competition which runs every year for students from all year groups.

Sports Teams

South Hunsley has a strong sporting tradition which continues into the Sixth Form. You can join one of our teams and represent South Hunsley on a local, regional and national level. We currently have football, rugby and girls’ football teams and, as always, the option to set up your own is there.

HE Plus / Early Applicants

Each year around 80% of our Year 13 students apply to progress onto Higher Education through UCAS.

A number of trips and visits, as well as talks and seminars from our partner institutions throughout Year 12 and Year 13 ensures that students are given the support and information necessary to make a competitive application to a wide range of courses at universities up and down the country.

We are part of HE+, a programme designed for students who are prospective applicants for Oxford or Cambridge universities or for medicine, dentistry or veterinary science courses, or who intend to apply for Russell Group universities. The programme is designed to enable students to receive specific one-to-one support with their university applications and personal statement and to have access to a range of university and course related activities.

Students will be enrolled on the HE+ programme, which is run by Cambridge University in order to support students applying to any of the Russell Group universities, which are the top research focused universities in the UK and therefore have the most competitive application processes. As part of the HE+ and Early Applicants pathway, students will have the opportunity to attend subject seminars, applications workshops university summer schools and residential visits, including the chance to visit both Oxford and Cambridge universities.

Apprenticeship and Employment

We realise that employers are now seeking technical experience and employability skills for their future job roles so it is crucial that we are able to deliver a programme that meets these changing labour market requirements.

The Apprenticeship Preparation Programme is designed to help those students who do not want to go to university develop the key employability skills needed to succeed by increasing their engagement with local employers. Students on this pathway will benefit from a range of workshops, seminars and employer engagement events in order to help reach their career goals, boost their CV’s and create a stand out application.

Industry-Led Curriculum

All subjects and programmes of study will soon be a part of our Industry-Led Curriculum which is launching from September 2023.

This innovative programme will embed employability skills development further into the curriculum to ensure that our students not only leave us with an excellent set of exam results, but also the highest level of employability and technical skill to compete nationally and globally. We have many pathways to choose from, including the Aspire Medical and Aspire Engineering Pathways. Please click here to find out more.

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