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Work Opportunities

Gain vital skills and get ahead of the rest with our work opportunities 

We know that when you leave education you will be facing a highly competitive job market. We want you to stand out from the crowd and have every chance of achieving your dreams.  

At South Hunsley Sixth Form we will help you with this and can provide you with:

  • part time employment
  • a mentor from the working world
  • leadership opportunities
  • volunteering opportunities

Taking part in any of the above could make all the difference to that all important job application!


Do you want a part time job which will fit alongside your studies?
Whilst studying with us you can also find part time work that fits nicely around your studies. We employ over 70 sixth form students in various roles throughout the school and sports centre.

Whichever job you choose it will provide you with work skills and experience which will stay with you beyond college and help boost any university or job application.

Please contact freya.dobson@southhunsley.org.uk for more information.

Work Experience

Gain more than just good grades at South Hunsley Sixth Form
In today’s highly competitive job market it’s all about standing out from the crowd and having that little bit extra on your CV to make employers want to hire you over anyone else.

Good grades may not always be enough, but real life work experience is an invaluable addition to a personal statement or CV and could help you get that dream job.

As well as providing you with real life work skills through our many employment opportunities, pairing up with an Industry Mentor could also lead to more specific work experience placements which are better suited to your long term career goals. We will give you individual support and put your future first.

Industry Mentoring Scheme

A one to one programme of support to help you achieve your very best
Our Industry Mentoring Scheme can open up many doors for our ambitious and driven students and help give them the best possible preparation for the working world.  We will help you gain invaluable skills, knowledge and experience by assigning you an Industry Mentor who will support you with your academic studies and plans for the future.

Your mentor will offer first hand advice and guidance on interview technique, work experience placements, university and job applications, and can help you develop more day to day skills such as time management and organisation.

Whatever it is you hope to do after South Hunsley Sixth Form, we will help you get there.


Volunteering – time and effort well spent
You will already know that in the sixth form you are not in lessons all day every day, so why not use your time for hugely rewarding experiences?
Being linked so closely to South Hunsley Secondary School presents lots of opportunities for you to help out teachers and younger students.  In any course you study you can help Year 7 students in that subject, acting as a Teaching Assistant or general classroom support.  Alternatively, you could choose to be a Reading Mentor, working closely with a Year 7 student during morning registration to help improve their reading skills.

If you’re a good listener and someone your friends turn to for advice, Peer Mentoring could be a useful way for you to spend some of your free time. The scheme runs in order to give students from lower down the school the chance to talk through their problems with older students who can empathise with what they are going through – friendship problems or difficulty with homework, for example. Informal drop ins are arranged on a lunch time or you could meet one to one. Either way it can be a hugely rewarding experience.

Sixth Form Ambassadors

We need your help!
Every year we recruit Ambassadors to help us promote South Hunsley Sixth Form.

When students are looking at where to study after Year 11, hearing directly from current sixth form students about their own experiences can help greatly with their decision and have a hugely positive impact on them.

You will represent the South Hunsley at our open evenings, give tours of the sixth form to Year 11 students, speak in assemblies and advise potential students on their course choices. To do this role you must view the college in a positive way and be able to communicate this to new students and their parents. 

Being a Sixth Form Ambassador is a great way to enhance your communication, interpersonal and organisational skills and can also boost your confidence, all of which look very impressive on a university or job application!  

Sports Leaders

Gain an extra qualification and become a Sports Leader
Our Sport Leadership Academy is designed to offer you a pathway into sport. You can develop your leadership skills and achieve a nationally recognised qualification by taking either our Community Sports Leaders Award (CSLA) or the Higher Sports Leaders course (HSLC).

The PE Department will work with you to give you access to the sport volunteering hours you need either at South Hunsley School or through the links they’ve established with our local primary schools.

Industry-Led Curriculum

Industry-Led Curriculum
All subjects and programmes of study will soon be a part of our Industry-Led Curriculum which is launching from September 2023.

This innovative programme will embed employability skills development further into the curriculum to ensure that our students not only leave us with an excellent set of exam results, but also the highest level of employability and technical skill to compete nationally and globally.