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The Basics

  • Compose, perform and analyse music
  • Develop critical thinking, research and team work skills
  • Study music in depth across a range of different genres

Is this course for me?

This is a two year course which is designed to extend your knowledge and appreciation of music. You will be expected to create and develop your own musical ideas and demonstrate technical, interpretative and communication skills through performing.

What will I learn?

Appraising Music

Three strands of music are represented covering the three key genres of Baroque: the solo concerto, Classical: the operas of Mozart and Romantic: the piano music of Chopin, Brahms and Grieg. You will also study two other components selected from the following areas of study: pop music, music for media, music for theatre, jazz, contemporary traditional music, art music since 1910.


A solo and ensemble performance as an instrumentalist, vocalist or music production (via technology).


Study compositional techniques using and developing your own musical ideas. A minimum of four and a half minutes of music in total is required.

Anthing else I need to know?

The performance at A Level should be at least an equivalent standard to grade 5, although performances at a higher level than this will gain more marks.

Entry requirements

Specific entry requirements:
Standard A Level entry criteria. Students should also play an instrument to at least grade 5 and ideally grade 5 theory or equivalent.

Future opportunities

A Level Music provides an excellent grounding for a variety of courses at Higher Education
level as it develops analytical skills as well as developing confidence in performance and creativity.

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