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The Basics

  • Take your language skills to the next level
  • Gain insight into another society and culture
  • Develop transferable skills you can apply to any future career

Is this course for me?

You will build on the skills learned at GCSE and gain a further insight into the society and culture of the countries where the language is spoken.

What will I learn?

Year 12

Speaking Test and Listening, Reading and Writing

You will study social issues and trends relating to native speaking countries covering a range of topics.


Changing nature of the family, ‘cyber-society’, voluntary work. You will also study artistic culture looking at French speaking countries and their heritage, contemporary francophone music and French cinema.


Changing state of the family, the digital world, youth culture, festivals and traditions, art and
architecture and cultural life in Berlin, past and present.


Modern and traditional values, cyberspace, equal rights, modern day idols, Spanish regional identity and the cultural heritage and landscape.

Year 13

Speaking Test and Listening, Reading and Writing.

You will continue to study the topics in Year 12. In addition, you will also study aspects of political life covering topics such as teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment, politics and immigration and you will also undertake an indiviual research project.

Anything else?

You will need to be committed to devoting time to improving your language skills, through learning vocabulary, practising grammar and linguistic structures and accessing authentic listening and reading materials.

Entry requirements

Specific entry requirements: Standard A Level entry criteria, including grade 6 at GCSE in the language you are studying.

Future opportunities

The content of the A Level is suitable for students who wish to progress to employment or to further study, including a modern languages degree. Many of our former students have continued to study a language either as a joint or single honours degree. Language skills are in demand and can be used in almost any career, particularly in businesses that trade internationally.

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