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Government and Politics

The Basics

  • Study the political systems of the UK / USA
  • Study core political ideas and key political figures

Is this course for me?

Politics dominates our lives. From decisions about whether to go to war to decisions about university fees, politicians make choices that impact us as individuals and as a society. This course enables students to understand how and why these decisions are made and what role different people play in that process.

What will I learn?

UK Politics

Investigate how students and people and politics interact and explore the development of the UKs democratic system. Topics include types of democracy, elections, political parties, voting behaviour and the role of the media in contemporary politics.

UK Government

Looks at how the UK is governed by different groups and institutions. Topics include the Constitution, the Prime Minister, the role of Parliament and the relationship between these branches of government.

Comparative Politics

Considers how democratic the US system of government is, whilst comparing and contrasting politics and institutions in the US with those in the UK. Topics include Democracy and Participation in the US, the Constitution, Congress, the Presidency, US Supreme Court and civil rights.

Politics Ideas

Explore four political ideas of liberalism, conservatism, socialism and ecologism and how these key ideas and principles apply in practice to human nature, the state, society and the economy.

Anything else I need to know?

You should have a genuine interest in the world around you and must be proactive
in following the news.

Entry requirements

Specific entry requirement: Standard A Level entry criteria, including grade 5 in GCSE English Language.

Future Careers

Politics, Public Relations, Journalism, Law or Teaching.

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