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Film Studies

The Basics

  • Analyse and discuss films from across different eras, genres and cultures
  • Study the social, historical, political and economic contexts of film
  • Develop your skills of observation, critical analysis and personal reflection

Is this course for me?

In Film Studies, you will analyse film in terms of context, meaning and the beliefs and values that it communicates and reinforces in society. If you want to understand film at a deeper and more analytical level then this could be the course for you.

What will I learn?

Knowledge and understanding of a diverse range of films from different eras, genres and national cinemas from contemporary Hollywood to French New Wave.

The significance of film across national, global, historical, social, political, cultural and technological contexts.

The way films generate different meanings and responses in audiences.

How to analyse, discuss and understand film as an aesthetic medium.

How to apply critical approaches to film, such as feminist film theory and auteurship.

How to demonstrate and apply your knowledge and understanding of film via practical
film projects.

Anything else I need to know?

You should be willing to study the medium across a range of genres, cultures and eras 70% of assessment is via examination and 30% is via the production and evaluation of a piece of practical work.

Entry requirements

Specific entry requirements: Standard A Level entry criteria.

Future careers

This A Level is suitable for students who wish to pursue a career in film and TV production, journalism, writing and broadcasting, advertising, marketing and communications, cultural industries and college or university lecturing.

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