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Indus House

Indus House values exploration and has high regard for the importance of community and spirituality.

The Indus constellation was named by Dutch explorers in honour of the native Indians they encountered in new worlds in the seventeenth century, most likely to be people indigenous to Asia or the Americas. Our Indus students have a similar sense of exploration, recognising that there is always more to learn and experience.  Indovians know no bounds when it comes to learning and have ventured further than others on their journey of self-improvement. 

Native Indians were deeply spiritual and used symbols and signs to represent their thoughts, ideas and dreams. In today’s world ways of communication may have evolved, but Indovians follow a similar path to the Indians constantly asking questions to gain a deep understanding of meaning and purpose to help them improve their life chances and the lives of others. An arrow is used to symbolise Indus house as this is synonymous with native Indian culture and was an important symbol used to convey many different messages; in fact crossed arrows were used as a symbol of friendship.  Indovians give similar importance to their relationships, both with the world around them and their fellow South Hunsley members, and have a great deal of respect for the community they belong to. Our Indus students recognise the individual strengths of every member and know that combining these will create a powerful force that will benefit the whole of Indus House and the wider school community.  

The stars in the Indus constellation shine brightest in September, coinciding with the start of a new school year. Our Indovian stars shine just as brightly and have a great start to their academic year; they never lose their sparkle and constantly light up the way to success for both their own and their fellow students benefit.

House Points

Pegasus 239,999points
Vela 229,976points
Orion 229,881points
Draco 249,092points
Indus 250,602points
Hercules 251,055points