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House Contacts

Head of Houses

http://Head%20of%20Hercules%20House Head of Hercules House Mrs K Davies
http://Head%20of%20Pegasus%20House Head of Pegasus House Mrs J Loughton
http://Head%20of%20Vela%20House Head of Vela House Mrs K Belcher
http://Head%20of%20Indus%20House Head of Indus House Mrs K Kirby
http://Head%20of%20Orion%20House Head of Orion House Mrs J Guy
http://Head%20of%20Draco%20House Head of Draco House Miss A Brady

House Leaders

http://Draco%20House%20Leader Draco House Leader Mrs A Bidder
http://Draco%20House%20Leader Draco House Leader Ms S Hartshorn
http://Orion%20House%20Leader Orion House Leader Mrs T Beharrell
http://Indus%20House%20Leader Indus House Leader Mr K Macdonald
http://Vela%20House%20Leader Vela House Leader Mrs J Sprakes
http://Pegasus%20House%20Leader Pegasus House Leader Mr J Coulbeck
http://Hercules%20House%20leader Hercules House leader Mr J Irwin