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How do I apply for a place for my child?
All the admissions for South Hunsley School are dealt with by the Schools Admission Team at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. They can be contacted via 01482 887700.
How many students do you accept in a year group?
We current accept 350 Year 7 students each September.
Can I put my child’s name down for a place to start in Year 7 in September?
All of our Year 7 admissions are handled by the Schools Admissions Team at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, you will need to contact them to apply for a place for the following academic year.
Can you tell me if my child has been allocated a place to start in September?
The Schools Admissions Team allocate all school places and they will confirm to you by your preferred method once the allocations have been released. We do not receive notification of allocations before this time.
Now you are an academy, can you select who you would like to admit?
No, we are still bound by the admissions code and all our admissions are dealt with in the same way as if we were an LA maintained school.
My child attends another school but is unhappy there, we live out of catchment. Can I apply for a place?
You can apply for a place at South Hunsley at any time via the Schools Admission Team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. A place can only be granted if there is a space in that specific year group.
My application for a place has been turned down as you are oversubscribed, can that decision be changed?
You can appeal our decision not to admit your child and your appeal will be heard by an independent panel who are completely impartial and will make a decision based on the information provided by both sides. Your appeal must be lodged with the School Admissions Team who will arrange this on your behalf.
My child has not been allocated a place, do you have a waiting list for the September intake?
The Schools Admission Team hold a waiting list for the September intake only, there is always movement as students decline their places and opt to be educated elsewhere but we cannot guarantee how many that will be. We will continue to take students until we are at capacity at 350.
I would like to apply for a place but before I do this, I would like to come and have a look around, is this possible?
We try, where possible, to facilitate tours if we have places available. These tours are facilitated by Mrs Beharrell, Transition Co-ordinator. If there are no places available to offer in the year group you are requesting, we would not normally be able to accommodate a tour due to operational logistics.
We are moving to the area and would like to apply for a place, can I do this now?
Unfortunately proof of your address will be required for the admission application if you are moving into the catchment area, once you have provided proof of address, your application will be dealt with as soon as possible by the Schools Admissions Team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
I live in catchment but my child attends private school, will I automatically be entitled to a place under the Fair Access Protocol if I opt to take them out?
Unfortunately, as you have chosen to opt out of the state education system, you have forfeited your right to an automatic placement at a state school. You can make an application and if there are spaces you will be allocated a place, if we are over subscribed and a request for a place is turned down, you have the right to appeal our decision.
What are your feeder primary schools?
Our feeder primaries are South Cave, North Cave, Swanland, North Ferriby, Welton, Brough, Elloughton and Hunsley Primary.
I want to move my child to one of your feeder primaries, if I do this are they guaranteed a place at South Hunsley School?
The admission code states that a child must have attended a junior or primary feeder school from the start of Year 3, the school year in which the child becomes eight years old. Attending a feeder school does not guarantee a child a place at the secondary school.