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Physical Education

The Basics

  • Study the theory of Physical Education
  • Learn about the structure and function of the body systems
  • Investigate how we acquire and develop skills
  • Observe assess and critically evaluate performances

Is this course for me?

If you enjoy learning about sport as a whole and would like to develop an in-depth knowledge of the science behind how the body and mind function in sporting situations then this is the course for you.

What will I learn?

Component 1: 30% Physiological factors affecting performance, focuses on developing knowledge of the science behind physical activity. This includes the structure and function of key systems in the human body, the forces that act upon us and the adaptations made to the body through diet and training.

Component 2: 20% Psychological factors affecting performance focuses on developing knowledge and understanding of the psychological factors that can affect performers in physical activity and sport.

Component 3: 20% Sociocultural issues in physical activity and sport focuses on the sociological and contemporary issues that influence and affect physical activity and sport for both the audience and the performer and how sport affects society.

Component 4: 30% Performance in physical education you will be internally assessed in one practical activity from the approved activity list and an oral response to a live performance called the EAPI Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement.

Anything else I need to know?

All the lessons are theory based. The practical assessment is ongoing throughout the 2 years and performers should be participating in at least local club level or higher on a regular basis, recording their competition in a log book and gaining filmed evidence.

Entry requirement

Specific entry requirements: Level 4 on both the GCSE theory papers.

Future opportunities

Teaching, Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Science, Nutrition, Coaching, Leisure Industry.

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