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Computer Science

Is this course for me?

This course involves a large degree of practical work and problem solving. You must have an analytical mind, a tenacious attitude and a willingness to keep on going even when the solution is not immediately apparent.

What will I learn?

Computer Systems – Exam
You will learn about how a computer uses data. This will involve study into software development, data exchange and representation, algorithms, and the laws of ethics around the use of computers.

Algorithms and Programming – Exam
In this unit you will learn what is meant by computational thinking; how computers can be used to solve problems, how programs can be written to solve problems, the use of standard algorithms and their use in describing problems.

Programming Project – Non-exam Assessment
In this unit you will learn how to produce a coded computing solution to a real-world problem, including analysis of the problem, design of the solution, development of the solution and evaluation of the finished project.

Anything else?

The main prerequisite for the course is a willingness to push yourself with your programming skills. Like learning a musical instrument, real skills and success only develop with practice and tenacity.

Entry requirements

Specific entry requirement: Standard A Level entry criteria, including grade 6 in GCSE Maths.

Future opportunities

This course is a fantastic preparation for computing studies at degree level, or any kind of career in computing. Computers are incredibly relevant to today’s working world, and a computer science background will always support a career in technology, engineering or science.

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