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Business Studies

Is this course for me?

There are many reasons why people want to set up businesses – perhaps they want to make money for themselves or their family or they want to contribute something special to the life of their community. Whatever their motivation, common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are enthusiasm and commitment. If you have these skills, then Business Studies may be the course for you.

What will I learn?

  • Marketing and People – Understand how businesses identify opportunies and devlop competitive advantage through marketing and through the people they employ.
  • Managing business activities – Consider external influences that impact on business, learn about raising and managing finance and measuring business performance as well as the importance of using resources efficiently.
  • Business decisions and strategy – Devlop knowledge of core concepts to take a strategic view of business opportunites and issues and lokk at the causes and effects of change and how businesses mitigate risk.
  • Global Business – Investigate businesses that trade on a global scale and develop understanding of the globally competitive environment.

Entry requirements

Specific entry requirements: Standard A Level entry criteria, including grade 4 in GCSE Business Studies.

Anything else?

There are many skills that are needed to be successful: calculations, interpreting data, making and presenting arguments, justifying business decisions, identifying problems and proposing solutions. The element of maths is nothing to be afraid of; you will be required to calculate and interpret percentage changes, or calculate how responsive a change in price will be on the level of demand.

Future opportunities

An A Level in Business Studies opens up many opportunities to study at degree level in Business, Management Studies, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources and Marketing. It also provides a good grounding for careers in banking, accounting, retail management and human resource management.

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