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Is this course for me?

If you have enjoyed Biology at GCSE and want to study the subject in more depth, then this is the subject for you. You must be willing to work hard and read around the subject from the start of this course and you will need to spend quality time on understanding and learning.

What will I learn?

Topics you will study include:

  • Biological molecules
  • Cells and organelles
  • How organisms exchange substances with their environment
  • Genetics
  • Variation
  • Relationships between organisms and energy transfers in & between organisms
  • How organisms respond to changes in environment (both internally & externally)
  • Populations and ecosystems 
  • Evolution
  • The control of gene expression

All students will also carry out a wide variety of experiments throughout the course. All of the practical work is recorded. This is a working document in which you will plan experiments, write risk assessments, record the data you collect and analyse it. Successful completion of the required practical activities will be endorsed separately on your certificate. You will receive a PASS grade.

Anything else?

Overall, at least 10% of the marks in assessments will require the use of mathematical skills. These will be the standard of higher tier GCSE mathematics. There is also a 25 mark essay on 1 paper.

Entry requirements

Specific entry requirements: Standard A Level entry criteria, including grade 6 in Biology and grade 5 in other sciences, or a 6/5 in GCSE Trilogy Science.

Future opportunities

The content of the A level is suitable for students who wish to progress to employment or to further study. Many of our former students have continued to study Biological concepts at degree level on several different courses e.g. Biology, Veterinary Science, Environmental Science, Zoology, Biochemistry, Marine Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, Microbiology, Physiotherapy, Sports Science and Biotechnology.

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