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Vela House

Students in Vela House represent the school’s values of equality, collaboration and personal development.

In Latin, Vela means sail and sailing boats are often thought of symbolically as representing life’s journey, possibly because they provide the means to travel to foreign countries which offers new experiences. Our Vela students are also on a quest for personal development and aim to broaden their horizons, constantly moving forward in the classroom as they discover the knowledge and skills that will open up infinite opportunities to them in the future. 

The constellation after which Vela is named is described as the sail, it is joined by two other constellations to form what was once one of the largest constellation representing the Argo Navis ship used by Jason and the Argonauts in Greek mythology. Just like the constellation, Vela stars are also always joining forces and combining their resources to great impact; working in partnership is paramount to Velarians and they are a shining example of how coming together as a team can result in better progress and help the whole school community stand out as a beacon of excellence. 

Vela students remain balanced and have a strong sense of fairness, they have a desire to succeed and recognise that a positive attitude and respect for others will help them on their journey. Their calm yet determined approach means that even when faced with the unknown they can adjust their sail and continue in the right direction of travel. A velarian is a true team player and will use their strengths to help them and their fellow students reach a rewarding destination.

House Points

Pegasus 239,999points
Vela 229,976points
Orion 229,881points
Draco 249,092points
Indus 250,602points
Hercules 251,055points