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House Rewards Structure

The aim of the House rewards is to encourage team motivation and to ensure all pupils aspire to achieve as fully rounded young people, both inside and outside South Hunsley. Pupils will have a sense of ownership for their House and we aim to provide a wide range of events including sporting and cultural to promote teamwork and a community spirit.

Pupils are able to spend their house points in the school points shop. There are a variety of prizes that pupils can buy ranging from a pencil to Amazon vouchers.

Each week, the overall house point’s totals are put onto the tutor message board for students to see. The Overall house points totals are also broadcasted on the X account to allow parents to see the winning year groups.

Each week the highest achieving pupils from each house becomes the ‘Star of the Week’ and appear on the notice board outside their House office. Their talents are celebrated and showcased for other pupils to aspire to.