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House FAQs

If my child is in the same tutor group and follows the same timetable, how will he/she benefit from the House System?
By creating six House communities as opposed to five year groups we can make sure students continue to feel part of a small but strong group as the school grows in size. Each House will have a House Leader and a Head of House and with these two leaders in post we can continue to deliver our high levels of pastoral support and ensure targeted and appropriate support is readily available for all students. Close monitoring of their progress and pastoral data will also continue and be used to produce a rounded picture of each student’s journey through South Hunsley. We are encouraging team motivation and will be implementing a new rewards structure which will award students with ‘House points’ and embed a sense of ownership for each student in each House.
If my child is unhappy in their nominated House will they be able to move?
All form groups are already established and have been carefully designed around students’ abilities. In order to sort each form group into a House we have gathered numerous data to ensure that every House has a wide spread of students and that all students will be happy. We will not be able to move students into a different House.
Will my child move into a different tutor group?
No, all students will stay in the same tutor group they have been in since Year 7.
Who will be the lead member of staff for each House?
Your child will have a Head of House (non-teaching member of staff) and a House Leader (who is also a teacher) who will jointly lead the house.
Who do I now go to/contact with problems?
If you have any queries or problems relating to your child that you would like to discuss, please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance, and then their Head of House or House Leader.
Can I still speak to my old Head of Year about problems?
We would like all parents to speak to their new Head of House if they have any queries or problems. Due to the increase in numbers in each year group it was apparent that we could not continue to offer the high level of pastoral support we have been able to do and needed to make small communities with two leaders, thus offering the targeted support needed for all. All current Heads of Year will have weekly meetings in order to swap any information that is needed and will work closely together as a team to ensure the transition to the House system will be as smooth as possible for all students and parents.
If my child has been mentored can they continue going to that member of staff or do they have to go to their House Leader?
Each House will have their own team of mentors who your child will be able to meet with. This may or may not be the same mentor your child has met with previously, but they will still have access to the targeted support they need.
Will my child be in the same House as any of their friends?
Your child will remain in the same form group and therefore will already have established friendships from this group; it’s important that they bond with their new House members and we will have House competitions to encourage this. We also encourage a sense of community and will welcome students making new friends.
Can we separate brothers/sisters in to different Houses?
Our House ethos is that of a small community and therefore families will be together in the same House. Due to our form groups having already been formed, we were unable to do this for present students but for all future students, it is our aim to keep brothers and sisters in the same House.
I don’t want my child in the same House as a child who has previously bullied them. Can they move?
At South Hunsley we do not tolerate bullying of any type. Any incidents of bullying are fully investigated and students given the support they need.
How will the sixth form be involved?
Sixth form students will all be attached to a House and will be able to take on student leadership roles in order to support each House and their community. This might be through supporting sporting fixtures or organising and running some of their own House competitions.
What will happen with assemblies?
Assemblies will now take place in Houses rather than year groups but some year group assemblies will still take place when necessary, for example during Year 9 options time.
How will registration be affected?
The only change to morning registration will be that some form groups might move to a different classroom. Each House will have their own designated area of the school so some registration rooms may move to be nearer to their House office.
Will my child follow the same timetable?
Yes, your child will follow the same timetable for the remainder of the school year. In September new timetables will come into effect as usual.
What will happen to Progress Evening?
There will be no change to Progress Evenings; these will still take place in year groups.