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Draco House

Just like the dragon that symbolises Draco House, Draconians are known for their leadership, wisdom and benevolence.

Dragons are often regarded as masters and many of the most respected people and objects are likened to the dragon. Throughout history the dragon has been used as a symbol of prestige, just think about countries that use dragons in their national flags and you can get an idea about the importance associated with the dragon symbol. Our Draco students will also symbolise excellence and will live up to their dragon logo, being highly valued members amongst the school community and known for their trusted authority, high standards and leadership by strong example.

Dragons take many forms and range from the serpent that forms the Draco constellation to the winged red dragon that is found on the Welsh national flag.The talents and abilities of our Draco students also take many forms and every house member is valued for their own unique contribution to the success of the house. Just like the Draco constellation which never sets below the horizon, our Draco stars are always visible and shining bright; leading the way in making a positive impact in the school.

In Chinese culture, the dragon represents wisdom and goodwill. The Chinese think a dragon will bring good fortune to those who deserve it and dragons are associated with prosperity and play a key role in celebrations such as the Chinese New Year. Draco students show similar traits, using their intelligence for the greater good and bringing tremendous positive benefit to the school community. A Draconian will always be willing to help their fellow students and do everything in their power to help others achieve to the very best of their ability.

House Points

Pegasus 239,999points
Vela 229,976points
Orion 229,881points
Draco 249,092points
Indus 250,602points
Hercules 251,055points