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Welcome to our Summer 2020-21 Transition hub for students in Years 11 and 13. Here you will find a range of materials and resources that have been carefully designed to support you in preparing for Post 16 or Post 18 study. To make things simpler we have categorised the resources based on their suitability for students in Year 11 and Year 13, but all of the resources are aimed at students aged between 14 and 19 so please explore any areas of interest.

We hope this will support your work through the summer term and summer break preparing for your next steps, and maybe in developing your knowledge in areas that you feel a little less confident about. If you have questions about any particular subject areas, please do contact the school and someone will be happy to help. For students progressing to apprenticeships, hopefully you are signed up to our Apprenticeship Teams page where we continue to post updates and local vacancies. In the meantime, if you need help with progression plans for your future, or with applications, CVs or cover letters, please contact our careers advisor, Mrs Barker (details below).

Year 13 Higher Education Induction Videos (Year 13)

Year 11 into 12 Induction (Year 11)

Our Induction event for Year 11 students this year starts on Monday 5 July. You will experience a sixth form lesson in each of your chosen option subjects, and have the opportunity to attend additional lessons as a taster where possible. Please contact Mr Jacobs or Mr Hobbs if you have any questions.

Y11 Sixth Form Induction Teams Page All Y11 students are members of the Induction Teams page. Alongside messages and updates, summer induction tasks will be posted here for every subject.  In addition to this there will also be other work and resources students may wish to dip in to, in order to better prepare themselves for their Post 16 studies.

Summer Learning (Year 11)

Consolidate your GCSE learning with the Oak Academy Summer Learning Support programme. Oak Academy offer a full suite of interactive lessons across all GCSE subjects and supplement this with activities across a range of subjects, quizzes and mental health resources. Visit Oak Academy here.

Skills for Life (Year 11/13)

Brush up on your skills in a range of areas including IT, computer coding, finance and personal wellbeing by completing one of the free courses on the government’s Skills Toolkit website. There is also help with CV writing. Evidence shows that regular use of online learning can significantly boost your future income. Access the website and get started here.

Advice and Guidance (Year 11/13)

Our careers advisor, Mrs Barker remains ready to support all of our current students all the way through to results day and beyond. Mrs Barker can help with finding and applying for local apprenticeships, applying for alternative courses at local colleges, building a CV and covering letter and interview skills and techniques. Appointments can be in person or through Teams and parents and carers are welcome to join remote appointments. Please email Mrs Barker on to make your appointment.

Virtual Work Experience (Year 11/13)

Future Goals are offering the ‘Live Brief’ project. Aimed at young people it provides the opportunity to take part in a one of a kind ‘Virtual Work Experience Journey’. There are engaging videos, animations and challenges designed to replace a traditional work-place experience. Students can take part in challenges linked to Construction, manufacturing, engineering, digital and health tech. Access your brief here.

Springpod is offering virtual work experience projects in a wide variety of subject areas including medicine, business, law and finance. Head to the website to set up your free account here. Work experience projects are running from Tuesday 1 June and include interactive workshops and real life projects.

Speakers for Schools offer all students work experience and insight days with some of the top employers in the UK. Already this year a number of our students have enjoyed placements with theatre companies, television companies, IT developers and investment banks. Have a look through their available opportunities here.

START Profile (Year 11)

Our Year 11 students can also continue to access START, our interactive online tool that helps students explore their skills, ambitions and strengths and matches these to the current job market. All students can use their normal school email login to access the site and should use the reset password function if they cannot remember the one they used previously. Visit the website here to pick up your profile again.

The Humber Virtual Careers Fair (Year 11/13)

Hosted by Humber Careers, the Virtual Careers Fair is available to all students. There are profiles and videos from a wide range of local businesses, many of whom are still looking to recruit school leavers this year. There is also information on the armed forces and GCHQ for those interested in joining the fight against cybercrime. Access the fair here.

Log On Move On (Year 11/13)

This is Hull and the East Riding’s one-stop shop for information on local colleges, employers, apprenticeships, support for the unemployed and the local jobs market. A huge number of local open events are all to be found on the LOMO calendar. All South Hunsley students are able to register and make applications through this site should they wish. Click here for more details.

You will also find the HOP – Humber Outreach Programme eLearning Pathway here. There are lots of useful virtual courses including building resilience, growth mind-set and goals and aspirations. Simply access LOMO and create your account, scroll to Extra Tools and select the HOP eLearning Pathway.

Year 13 Higher Education Induction (Year 13)

University-of-Hull-logo | ERVAS
  • Film : Faculty Dean Bio
  • American Studies : Lecturer Bio
  • Criminology – Lecturer Bio
  • Drama : Performance and Practical Drama
  • English Language : Creative and Critical Use of Language
  • English Lang / Lit : Creative and Critical Writing
  • English Literature : Texts
  • English Language : Lecturer Bio
  • History : Independent Study
  • History : Independent Study 2
  • History : Lecturer Bio
  • Music : Appraising
  • Music : Composing
  • Music : Composition
  • Music : Performing Music
  • Research Methods (EPQ)
  • Business : Decision Making to Improve Operational Performance
  • Business : Managers, Leadership and Decision Making
  • Business : Supplementary Content
  • Marketing and Business : Lecturer Bio
  • Business : Decision Making to Improve Operational Performance
  • Law : Supplementary Content – Employment Law
  • Law : Supplementary Content – Mens Rea of Murder
  • Law : Aspects of Family Law
  • Law : Lawmaking and the Law of Tort
  • Law : Faculty Dean Bio
  • Economics : A Global Perspective
  • Economics : Supplementary Content
  • Politics : Parliament and the Constitution
  • Politics : UK Politics
  • Politics : Lecturer Bio
  • Politics : Lecturer Bio 2
  • Biology : Lecturer Bio (Biology Education)
  • Biology : Lecturer Bio (Biological Science)
  • Biology : Lecturer Bio (Biological and Marine Sciences)
  • Biology : Lecturer Bio (Zoology)
  • Biology : Lecturer Bio (Ecology and Marine Biology)
  • Biology : Lecturer Bio (Evolution)
  • Chemistry : Analytical Techniques
  • Chemistry : Bonding
  • Chemistry : Physical Chemistry
  • Chemistry : Physical Chemistry
  • Chemistry : Supplementary Content – Liquid Crystals
  • Chemistry : Supplementary Content – Lateral Flow Tests
  • Physical Chemistry : Henderson-Hassleback Example 2
  • Physical Chemistry : Henderson-Hassleback Example 3
  • Physical Chemistry : Analytical Methods
  • Physical Chemistry : Acids and Bases
  • Physical Chemistry : Henderson-Hasselbach Example1
  • Geography : Coastal Systems and Landscapes
  • Geography : Global Systems, Hazardous Earth
  • Geography : Lecturer Bio
  • Geography : Lecturer Bio
  • IT & Computing : Games Design and Prototyping
  • IT & Computing : Lecturer Bio
  • IT & Computing : Lecturer Bio
  • Sciences : Experimental Uncertainty
  • Mathematics : Fundamentals and Theories
  • Mathematics : Statistics
  • Mathematics : Lecturer Bio
  • Mathematics : Exponentials

Transition to University course for Year 13 students

Due to the recent period of school and college closures, the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) is delighted to offer Year 13 students access, free of charge, to their Transition to University course designed to support students who have studied A level Mathematics and are progressing to an undergraduate degree course in mathematics, engineering, physics or STEM related subject.

The course will consolidate essential A-level Mathematics skills and cover topics that will be encountered early in these university programmes. The course also includes suggested wider reading to explore these themes in greater depth.

The course begins on 28th June 2021 with materials for two topics being released each week.

Access to the course materials will be available until 31st December 2021.

The course is hosted on the online platform Integral.

Access to the resources requires a free login – every student can create their own free account