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Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.

We want all our students to have a love for learning but we realise that some students need this aspect of their school lives nurturing. We want all our students to reach their full potential but we know for some students practical help will be needed. We also want our students to recognise their individual talents and abilities and achieve their goals.

The Inclusion Team comprises of a wide range of specialists who work together with parents and carers to help students achieve their best and feel included in all the opportunities on offer at South Hunsley.

The primary focus of the Inclusion Team therefore, is to constantly review how we support our students and ask the most important question: what does this student or group of students need and how can we meet those needs?

The efforts of our Inclusion Team have been recognised by Ofsted who praised the ‘high quality additional support and care’ provided to those students who might need some practical help or extra guidance to make sure they have every opportunity to grow and flourish as individuals.

SEN Information Report

You can read our SEN Information Report here. 

Important Contacts

Assistant Headteacher for Safeguarding and Inclusion: Mr T Sergeant – thomas.sergeant@southhunsley.org.uk
Director of Support for Learning: Mrs J Donkersloot – Jo.Donkersloot@theeducationalliance.org.uk
SEN Coordinator: Miss J Sweeney – jodie.sweeney@southhunsley.org.uk