Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening 2020

Welcome to South Hunsley Sixth Form! Watch these videos to explore the Sixth Form, meet our teachers, and learn about the subjects you can choose to study.

Head Teacher Welcome

Directors of Sixth Form Welcome

Employer Led Programme

Subject Videos

  • Headteacher Welcome
  • Sixth Form – Core Maths
  • Sixth Form – Further Maths
  • Sixth Form – Maths
  • Sixth Form – English
  • Sixth Form – Science
  • Sixth Form – History
  • Sixth Form – Health and Social Care
  • Sixth Form – Drama
  • Sixth Form – Photograpgy
  • Sixth Form – Art and Design
  • Sixth Form – Government and Politics
  • Sixth Form – Criminology
  • Sixth Form – Sociology
  • Sixth Form – Product Design
  • Sixth Form – Economics
  • Sixth Form – Film Studies
  • Sixth Form – Media Studies
  • Sixth Form – Music
  • Sixth Form – Business Studies
  • Sixth Form – PE
  • Sixth Form – MFL
  • Sixth Form – IT & Computing
  • Sixth Form – Psychology
  • Sixth Form – Geography

Taster Sessions

  • Sociology Taster Session 2020
  • Psychology – Taster Session 2020
  • Health and Social Care – Taster Session 2020
  • Taster Session 2020 – Film Studies
  • Taster Session 2020 Economics
  • Taster Session 2020 – Criminology
  • Taster Session 2020 – Media Studies
  • Taster Session 2020 – Politics

Student Life

  • Student Life Year 12 Intro
  • Student Life Year 13 Student Intro
  • Student Life – Head Boys and Head Girls

Questions and Answers

When is the applications deadline?

The deadline is Friday 18 December.  This is so that we can arrange your interviews in January

Can I apply to more than one college?

Yes!  If you are unsure at the moment, there is nothing stopping you applying to a number of different colleges and making your mind up later in the year.

How many subjects should I take?

In line with other sixth forms nationally most students will take 3 A Levels/Level 3 equivalents.  If students wish to be considered for four A Levels they will need to have achieved at least grade 5 in English and Maths, at least 7 GCSE results at a grade 7 or higher and have an average GCSE point score of at least 7.

I’m not sure which subjects to take – can I still apply?

Yes!  The courses on your application form are not set in stone.  The online application form allows you to pick up to 5 options.  At this stage, you might put down all of the subjects you are considering or you might just enter a one or two.  We can then discuss this at your interview and start to fine-tune your study program.

When are interviews?

We will be holding interviews for all South Hunsley students who have applied in January.  External applicants will be contacted as your applications are received.

Do I have to pass the interview?

No!  The interview is a chance to talk through your options and help you make the right course decisions.  If you are a South Hunsley student, provided that you meet the entry criteria for the Sixth Form and your chosen courses your place is guaranteed.